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TomAto posted on 2023-5-5 00:56

Irontech Doll review (Valentines Promotion Event)

[color=#000][font=Arial]Hi everyone! [/font][/color]

Yesterday I got my beautiful doll "Lora" from Irontech Dolls. Everything was perfect! I ordered the doll during "Valentins Promotion Event" [/font][/color][img=24,24]content://[/img][color=#000][font=Arial]. Together with the doll I got an extra head, a very nice sleeping bag(blue) with the irontech logo on it. Also I got a very nice dress [/font][/color][img=24,24]content://[/img][color=#000][font=Arial], a sexy lingerie [/font][/color][img=24,24]content://[/img][color=#000][font=Arial], a starter kit for maintenance and a rose. [/font][/color][img=24,24]content://[/img]

[color=#000][font=Arial]Thank you irontech for this perfect service! I highly recommend your company![/font][/color]

Th[color=#000][font=Arial]ank you so much! :) [/font][/color]

[color=#000][font=Arial]Martin WeiƟflog from Germany [/font][/color]
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