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Factory photos of 160cm ebony sex doll S33 Penny

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Post on 2023-2-20 16:40 |All posts
ebony sex doll S33 Penny.png
silicone sex doll Penny.png
silicone sex doll.png
irontech sex doll S33 Penny.png
love hole place.png
silicone love doll.png
silicone doll.png

black sex doll.png

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Post on 2023-3-29 06:21 |All posts

Is her head in these pictures with mate effect? Is it hard or soft silicone?
Also, here labias seem different than the ones by default, is it normal?


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Post on 2023-3-29 11:54 |All posts
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It is hard silicone head and isn't matte.
This is the new version 160cm silicone body, and the labia is more realistic than the old one.

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Post on 2023-3-30 01:53 |All posts
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Thank you. Did you also move her anus a bit to the back side? I thought I was the only one to notice until I have read some comments saying it was not in the perfect place... Nice job anyway, she is so beautiful!

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Post on 2023-4-4 14:16 |All posts
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Yes. The new love hole place moved slightly to the back side compared to the old one.
160cm LHP

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